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About GutCheck

GutCheck is a global, online agile market research solution that enables our clients to get quick consumer reads to answer business questions as they come up.

GutCheck (located at 633 17th St, Suite 1300 in Denver, CO) is a global, online agile market research solution that enables our clients to get quick consumer reads to address business questions, whenever they need to be answered. Whether it’s scheduled research or an un-planned question, our flexible quantitative and qualitative platform enables us to instantly recruit your target audience. Our full-service team designs and executes the study to give you the insights and confidence you need to react and move your business forward.

The Team

Matt Warta

Matt Warta


Matt has been a mainstay in the entrepreneurial community over the past 15 years co-founding 2 companies and funding dozens of others as a venture capitalist.

INSIGHT: When not working on GutCheck, Matt also enjoys biking, running, and swimming -- sometimes all three of those together.
Martin Payne

Martin Payne


Martin brings 18 years of experience in sales, marketing, and product management from both B2C and B2B technology companies including Dell, Sun, and GHX.

INSIGHT: He's a complete sports junkie.

Renee Smith


Renee has 25+ years experience conducting research into why people do what they do -- first as a journalist, then as an academic, and for the last 15 years as a market research professional.  Most recently, Renee worked on innovation and re-inventing research solutions as Chief Research Officer at Kantar.

INSIGHT: Renee has been known to write poetry and to sing second soprano in choral groups.
Dylan Frusciano

Dylan Frusciano

VP of Sales

Dylan brings 20 years of sales and sales management experience, most recently from Business Wire, a Berkshire Hathaway company.

INSIGHT: Dylan enjoys raising two daughters and watching all their soccer games, CrossFit, skiing, music, travel, attending even more of his girls' soccer games, and cooking, especially things to undo all the CrossFit
Ann Koerner

Ann Koerner

VP of Product Management

Ann is a huge fan of consumer feedback. As a product manager, she loves being surrounded by consumer insights and building the next generation of GutCheck's technology platform for consumers and researchers. Ann previously worked at Qualvu, MapQuest and AOL.

INSIGHT: She enjoys the mountains, skiing, golfing, camping, and good people.
Lisa Whetstone

Lisa Whetstone

Director of Marketing

Lisa brings experience from several industries including storage and agile software development. She enjoys leveraging new marketing technologies to provide the most relevant and educational assets to clients.

INSIGHT: Lisa loves food and happy hours and urban hiking is a great way to find great new spots to enjoy both.

Todd Stoltenberg

Director of Research

Todd's professional life has been 100% market research, blending qual and quant to consult on a range of B2C and B2B touchpoints.

INSIGHT: Loves learning about things that have changed or will change the world. Slowly phasing out ESPN for The History Channel and CNBC as a result.
Geoffrey Cullins

Geoffrey Cullins

Director of Engineering

Geoffrey's background includes 17 years of experience with hands-on Engineering, as well as building and leading technical teams, for companies of all sizes, from early-stage start-ups to publicly traded corporations.

INSIGHT: Geoffrey loves spending time with his family enjoying all of the outdoor activities Colorado has to offer, including hiking, mountain biking, snowboarding, and camping.
Lisa O’Connor

Lisa O’Connor

Director of Client Services

Having conducted more in-home ethnographies, shop-a-longs and focus groups than she cares to admit, Lisa knew there had to be a better, faster way to weave more consumer-learning into the innovation and marketing development processes. That's why she fell in love with GutCheck. GutCheck matches Lisa's desire for speed, innovation and insightful analysis, making sense of her BA in Anthropology and MS in Engineering.

INSIGHT: Lisa is an oxymoron. Extroverted introvert. Active Couch Potato. Urban Hick. Polite Trash Talker. Strong-willed Softy.
Linda Davis

Linda Davis

Director of Finance

Linda has worked across a multitude of industries in the finance role, including Western Governors’ Association, Gulf Oil and ICG.

INSIGHT: She enjoys anything that takes her outdoors, especially skiing, hiking, mountain biking and sitting on the patio with wine and friends.