Beta is Coming Soon!

Within the next several weeks, we will begin our Beta testing with a number of potential customers.

We have several goals with our Beta.  First and foremost, we are very proud of the work we’ve done, and we can’t wait to show it off to folks.  Besides showcasing our work, we’d love to hear what potential customers have to say about it: is it intuitive; what sorts of research will they be conducting with the platform; what critical features might be missing; etc.

We have had a number of notable firms step up and let us know they are interested in participating.  However, we’d love to have some folks we don’t know involved.  Specifically, we are looking for the following kinds of customers, including marketing folks; agencies; and product development people.  You don’t need to be in one of these groups, but those are groups who have showed a lot of interest to date.

To thank those who will participate, you, of course, will be able to use the product for free during the Beta program…so, free research.  Additionally, we will have some cool prizes for those who produce the most compelling work during the Beta.

If you are interest in being part of the small group which will help direct this category-creating application, please sign up for the Beta.  In the interim, feel free to drop me an email at if you have any questions.  You can also reach us at 877-990-8111.