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Client Case Studies

GutCheck enables researchers, insights managers, marketers, brand managers, and product managers for brands both big and small to gather the quick consumer reads they need to address business questions as they come up for B2C and B2B products along all stages of the consumer lifecycle

Concept Development

Whether its exploratory work, scheduled product line expansions, or an unexpected question during the final development stages GutCheck has your back. Our quick consumer reads empower our clients by providing the vital feedback and clear direction they need to move their products forward

Copy Refinement & Optimization

Does your your latest marketing claim or promotion really hit the mark for your customer’s unmet needs? Are you sure? GutCheck provides the essential feedback required to confidently go to market with ads that kill it.

Package Screening & Refinement

There’s your customer, standing in an aisle full of seemingly similar products. Your packaging needs to take full advantage of this critical decision point. We give our clients the edge they need to ensure their products pop when it matters most.

Shopper Insights

Learn to read minds! Ok, not really. But leveraging agile market research can help you stay ahead of trends, preferences, and purchase intent of the consumers you so urgently need to attract. Our clients utilize a quick consumer read to find out the rationale behind their targeted consumer’s buying habits.

International Research

Picture this, you are about to launch a new high-investment global campaign with, what everyone agrees is a very catchy new claim. But how do you know that claim will resonate, or even mean the same thing, across the diverse cultures that you are planning to attract?  That’s when you need a global gut check!

We can leverage our in-country experts in over 26 countries to help!

Client Benefits

Speed to Stay Ahead

Speed to Stay Ahead

You can stay on top of your timelines and be ready for any unexpected questions. A partnership that enables you to be agile.


Answers to Move Forward

Answers to Move Forward

Get the clear direction you need from consumer-driven feedback and gain confidence in your next steps


Built in Flexibility

Built in Flexibility

Flexible qualitative and quantitative platforms + expert researchers globally, allows you to answer your key business questions