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We are dedicated to delivering the right solutions at the right time—we meet you where you are in development. And because we've automated certain steps of the research process that don't add value, our technology does a lot of the heavy lifting, allowing our researchers to focus on delivering insights that help you take action.

a partnership with us means you get more time back in your days to do what's important to you.

A partnership with us means you get more time back in your days to do what's important to you.

Tried-and-true methods—agilified

If you're looking for more innovative ways to build upon the proven methods you're familiar with, an agile approach does just that. Agile market research methodologies are a fusion of more traditional methods, advanced technology, and human expertise.

innovate on a global scale

Innovate on a global scale

We offer quantitative and qualitative online research solutions globally; studies can be run simultaneously or consecutively.

apply learnings as you progress

Apply learnings as you progress

We promote an iterative approach throughout development, which enables you to learn—and adapt if needed—every step of the way.

Actionable answers—at the speed of your business

We've developed methodologies based on best practices to answer research questions quickly and precisely without losing integrity of data. From instant recruitment to research design to analysis, our platform and our people make the difference when it comes to delivering quality answers within your time frame.

the gutcheck platform

The GutCheck Platform

Our platform is flexible; it can ingest and synthesize data from a wide variety of sources including respondent data, data management platforms, CRM systems, and other behavioral and attitudinal data.

human-generated insights

Human-Generated Insights

Using quality data, our people tailor the analysis and feedback to your specific objectives, making those connections that tell an in-depth, meaningful story.

Connect Survey Data with Big Data

Get additional layers of insights, powered by billions of consumer profiles, that help you connect research to results. Our agile big data solution, GutCheck Constellation™, gives you

  • A more holistic view of target consumers, including how to reach them
  • Ways to activate your key audiences with intelligent messaging recommendations
  • Confidence to identify your best market opportunities
  • An understanding of which consumers represent your early adopters
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No matter the phase you're in...
we can tailor our solutions to fit your needs

Exploratory Research Group™

An online qualitative exploration to better understand consumer attitudes and behaviors.

Agile Attitudes & Usage™

An exploratory quantitative survey to understand consumer attitudes, behaviors, and trends.

GutCheck Constellation™ - Growth Report with Loyalty Analysis

A solution that combines survey data with big data to identify opportunities for growth and provide a deep consumer understanding for optimal product and messaging development.

Shopper / User Journeys™

Experience the journeys of your shoppers and users through uploads from their mobile devices.

Concept Prioritizer™

A configurable quantitative concept test that leverages statistical testing on key metrics to identify top performers.


An agile quantitative concept test that identifies your strongest performing concepts within 24 hours.

GutCheck Constellation™ - Concept Prioritizer with Loyalty Analysis

A solution that elevates concept testing with big data to understand market impact and provide a deep consumer understanding for optimal product and messaging development.

Concept Refiner™

A qualitative study that gathers consumer reactions and feedback on stimuli to identify opportunities to enhance and refine the product.

Feature Prioritizer™

A quantitative analysis that uses that Kano model to categorize and prioritize the features to focus on during product development.

Pricing Evaluator™

A suite of quantitative research tools that assess consumers’ expectations of price for new products and services.

Line Optimizer™

A quantitative test designed to identify your optimal product line from a larger pool of products. We leverage an agile TURF analysis to help define the combinations that maximize customer reach and usage frequency.

Competitive Checkpoint™

A quantitative benchmark test that shows how your target consumers perceive your concepts relative to your key competitors, while also shedding light on specific areas to improve in product refinement.

Agile In-Home Usage Trial™

A qualitative in-home usage trial where you ship prototypes or finished products to a targeted consumer group to gather feedback on trial and usage.

Creative Prioritizer™

A quantitative test that presents a set of creative ideas to targeted consumers to rate on key metrics; statistical testing and scorecards are used to identify top performing ideas.

Creative Refiner™

A qualitative study that gathers targeted consumer feedback on creative to identify key areas for refinement.


A qualitative study to optimize advertising creative iteratively throughout creative development using Kantar Millward Brown's LINK™ framework

More about agile market research

Our approach to agile market research was inspired by the principles of agile software development; it promotes a humble, iterative approach to learning that allows you to keep up with your consumers.

Our agile research methodology enables...

our agile research methodology enables speed


to obtain insights & pivot quickly

our agile research methodology enables flexibility


to use a tailored approach to fit your needs

our agile research methodology enables affordability


to conduct iterative research as often as you need

our agile research methodology enables confident decisions

Confident Decisions

based on quality data & actionable answers to key questions

We aren't just a provider...

We are your partners who take the time to understand your business, and its challenges, to ensure you get the most out of your research and reach your goals.

A partnership with us gives you access to

  • Agile market research experts with experience in multiple methodologies
  • Your consumers, users, and shoppers—globally
  • Easy-to-digest report deliverables with answers to key questions
  • The power to progress quickly throughout development with confidence