Matt Warta

Chief Executive Officer
Matt has been a mainstay in the entrepreneurial community over the past 15 years co-founding 2 companies and funding dozens of others as a venture capitalist.
Insight: When not working on GutCheck, Matt also enjoys biking, running, and swimming -- sometimes all three of those together.

Renee Smith

Chief Research Officer
Renee has 25+ years experience conducting research into why people do what they do -- first as a journalist, then as an academic, and for the last 15 years as a market research professional. Most recently, Renee worked on innovation and re-inventing research solutions as Chief Research Officer at Kantar.
Insight: Renee has been known to write poetry and to sing second soprano in choral groups.

Shawn Vaughn

EVP of Sales and Client Services
Shawn has spent the past decade plus helping hundreds of clients apply smart research to critical business objectives. He’s a great believer in the powerful combination of high-quality product and outstanding service.
Insight: When not working at GutCheck, Shawn enjoys live music and time with his family. Shawn is also a bit of a comedy nerd; he recently co-wrote a show at the Second City.

Hull McKinnon

Chief Financial Officer
Hull has 25 years of experience in finance as an inside operator, venture investor, and board member in a host of high growth companies; operationally leading companies, directing investments and managing complex financial operations.
Insight: Outside of work, Hull enjoys anything that takes him both outside and off the concrete (preferring dirt, water, and snow), and taking unique travel trips with his family.

Lisa Whetstone

VP of Marketing
Lisa brings experience from several industries including storage and agile software development. She enjoys leveraging new marketing technologies to provide the most relevant and educational assets to clients.
Insight: Lisa loves food and happy hours and urban hiking is a great way to find great new spots to enjoy both.

Candace Dale

VP of Business Operations & Strategy
Candace brings GutCheck 10 years of consulting experience focused on improving operations to drive customer experience. Bringing together cross-functional teams energizes her on a daily basis.
Insight: Candace is a Michigan Wolverine surrounded by Hawkeyes, Buckeyes, and Jayhawks oh my! She's the consummate transplanted Coloradan who loves doing all things outdoors and getting her daughters to do the same.