3 Reasons Why You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Data Quality for Speed

There is a long standing idiom in the research world: “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of meeting the schedule has been forgotten.”

No matter how quickly a research project is conducted, data quality must be front and center of any good learning plan.

You’ve got to ask the right questions, in the right way, to the right people, at the right time. And of course you’ve got to have industry context and a bright group of folks to put together a clear, concise story centered on key findings and implications as they relate to your particular objectives.

These are all non-negotiables when it comes to research. Naturally, this has led us to field the question of, “How do you ensure all of those things when you conduct studies as quickly as you do?”

The 50,000 foot view here is to focus your time in the areas that matter most. In other words, leverage technology, an expert staff, and a specific process to remain focused on strategy; not logistics. This leads to a successful combination of both significantly faster project turn-times and a continued strict adherence to quality assurance.

Keeping Quality at the Forefront

Here are a few of the top ways to ensure quality research without losing speed:

1. Respondent Quality

It’s good practice to partner with a number of qualified online panels to accommodate your specific audience needs. Qualified partners will meet ESOMAR and other professional organization standards, and they leverage some pretty cool technology. One of my favorite technologies is RelevantID, a proprietary digital fingerprinting technology that allows you to uniquely identify the respondent from their web browser. With this technology and other validation rules, over 10 factors are examined in real-time that prevent respondents from participating in surveys if they don’t pass the right quality checks, such as country or IP detection. Knowing you are working with qualified partners not only gives you some peace of mind, but saves you time vetting out respondents.

2. Response Quality

Whether it’s qualitative or quantitative research, a skilled research team can help design the best possible screening criteria to make sure you’re finding your exact target audience. Also, many of the best and biggest panels in the world can find these people quickly based on demographic, behavioral, and attitudinal criteria – not strictly just gen pop or category buyers. Then once respondents are screened in, it’s best to leverage an expert team of Research Strategists, backed by technology that allows for real-time monitoring and moderation so you know you’ve got the right folks in the study right from the beginning.

3. Report Quality

The full story told by your qualified respondents comes from thorough and accurate data. That means asking smart questions and analyzing the results while not cutting any corners. Take quantitative research for example. Randomizing concepts is a necessity, as is stat testing at various significance levels. And, if you’re looking to segment results in any way, we can give you the tools that get the answers you need more quickly and help make your life easier by providing access to things like Top Box results versus Top Two Box results, or results broken out to see statistical differences between various quota groups.

You Can Have Both

In the world of research, improved project speed can be a real asset, but as the quote from the beginning of this article clearly states, speed alone is not the solution. However, there are ways you can ensure quality and speed when conducting research.

Quite simply put, one of the best ways to ensure quality research, even when moving at an accelerated pace, is to pair leading technology with a team of talented researchers. Adding first-class panel providers and top-notch moderators will also ensure you reach the consumers you really want to hear from. The result is a quick consumer read centered on quality.

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