7 Ways to Ensure Top-Level Research in Brazil

Brazil is hot right now–and that’s not just because of its tropical weather. As we conduct research all over the globe, we see certain market trends emerge from time to time. One of the most recent trends is an increased focus on this vibrant South American market. Given the fact that the country boasts the fifth largest economy in the world, it comes as no surprise that many of our clients are sitting up and taking notice of this growing market.

Research Revelations in Brazil

Today we will dive into this leading market and uncover some of the specific cultural nuances that any researcher with an interest in tapping the region should know. We rounded up our in-country experts from the region and asked them to pull together a quick list of Brazilian market distinctions…here are the top seven must-know nuances they came up with:

  1. Conduct Studies in Portuguese: While there are over 180  dialects spoken in the country, and Spanish is a predominate language in the region, Portuguese was actually named the official language of Brazil.
  2. Online Studies Can Only Reach Major Cities: Internet penetration in Brazil is roughly 49.8% (approx. 88M people). It is best practice to conduct studies in urban areas and more developed parts of the country like Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Bahia, Pernambuco, and Ceará. Including the states of Santa Catarina, Parana, Rio Grande do Sul, and Minas Gerais. This will help to ensure a high enough incidence rate for a wider range of target audiences. However, there are other major cities in the South and Southeast region of the country. These areas are viewed seperately because they are know to have different culture, habits and overall access to technology. For example, a new product that recently hit stores in the Northeast probably has been already launched in the South or Southeast for quite some time and is probably viewed as outdated. Because of this, it’s crucial for brands to understand both marketings within the country.
  3. Brazilians Provide Feedback Openly: Unlike countries like China and India, the Brazilian culture is very open-minded and most topics are open for discussion and research within the region. Additionally, both males and females are equally interested in providing feedback, which can be rather beneficial to a researcher looking for a balanced respondent group.
  4. Temper Your Expectations for Mobile Studies in Brazil: Currently only 25% of Brazilians use smartphones to access Internet. It can be difficult to recruit a specific mobile audience in regions outside of major cities.
  5. Marketing Highly Influences Behavior: Brazilians are highly perceptive of marketing messages and the marketing industry in general…higher than in the USA. Therefore, it is highly encouraged to actively test your copy and concepts to ensure they truly resonate with consumers in the region.
  6. Brazilians are Particularly Interested in Products Related to Appearance: Consumers in the region are very influenced by appearances, particularly in Rio de Janeiro. This interest relates not only to personal appearance, but to appearances in general. For example, the appearance of an apartment to impress visitors is much more important than in USA or Europe. Products that positively impact appearance will always have higher than average interest for consumers in the region.
  7. The World Cup, The Carnival Celebration, and Currently Petrobrás Corruption are Huge in Brazil: While this tip may not come as a surprise to many, we want to highlight these events. The country of Brazil literally comes to a stop during the world cup and Carnival. Over 80% of the country is estimated to tune in to the World Cup. To give a shocking comparison, only 40% of US households were tuned in to this year’s record viewed Superbowl. Luckily for our research needs and unlike American football, we have until 2018 to prepare for the next one. In addition to the World Cup and traditional Brazilian holidays, the annual week long Carnival festival should also be a noted time to avoid fielding studies.

    Currently Brazil is going through a crisis named Petrobrá
    s Corruption which is currently causing raised taxes on cosmetics and food, increased electricity cost, increased gas pricing, lack of water, and local currency devaluation. This complicated situation is hindering employment which is forcing the Brazilian people to purchase products with less value than they normally would, thus changing traditional purchasing behavior.

Pulling It All Together

Because of its growing economy and propensity to engage with marketing tactics, Brazil is a fertile ground for brand expansion. That said, like all cultures, there are specific nuances that researchers should heed prior to launching products and campaigns in the region. Having a deeper understanding of these nuances can only improve your likelihood of success.

Our in-country research team was excited to contribute to this article and their valuable cultural understanding of Brazil is one of the reasons we have been able to deliver such impressive findings within the country. These regionally based experts are critical in uncovering, understanding, and working within the cultural differences that could impact the quality of your results in each of the 26 countries and 16 languages we cover.

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