Are Your Ads Effective? The Importance of Aligning Brand Strategy and Creative

During a webinar last week, our CEO, Matt Warta and Director of Client Services, Lisa O’Connor discussed the struggle many companies continue to deal with around aligning the brand strategy and creative during the creative development process. There were so many great questions and takeaways; I wanted to share a quick recap with you in this blog post.

A recent study conducted by Communicus suggested that only 20% of SuperBowl ads are effective aka they actually sell stuff. This happens when there is a misalignment between brand strategy and creative.

If your ad leans too far towards the creative side, the viewers have no idea what you’re selling – so why would they buy it? On the flip side, if the ad swings too far in favor of the brand strategy it will get across the benefits and point of differentiation but will be non-memorable.

To demonstrate, here are 3 examples of SuperBowl advertisements: one that leaned toward brand strategy, one that was creative but lacked brand strategy and one that seemed to find the right mix.

Too Creative

Samsung – Next Big Thing with Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd and Lebron James

In this example, Samsung is mentioned frequently and the Galaxy phone is mentioned a few times but there is no mention of what they’re selling – is it the phone? The tablet? What are the benefits? Why is it the next big thing? However, it is memorable!

All Brand Strategy

Century 21 – Wedding

In this ad, Century 21 discusses all the benefits of working with them. You know exactly what they can do for you and how they are all about customer service, but not quite as funny or memorable.

When Brand Strategy & Creative is Aligned

Best Buy – Amy Poehler Asks Lots of Questions

Now this ad hits the mark! Best Buy does a great job of getting across their brand promise, you know exactly what they sell and what makes them better but the ad is creative, funny and memorable at the same time.

So why don’t more ads hit the mark? Matt discusses in the webinar how there is a gap between the creative brief and final execution of the advertisement where consumer feedback is not being captured.

How does a team capture feedback, quickly and within budget? Find an Agile market research partner and use an Agile process.

Here are 3 things every team needs to consider when finding the right Agile partner

  1. Specificity“Can the platform consistently find the target audience who is in the creative brief?”
  2. Cost“Is it stealing from your media buy in order to do the research?”
  3. Speed“Brands have deadlines and agencies need to move on to the next project…”

And that’s just the beginning. For even more great tips, to learn more about the Agile process and to hear customer examples when using Agile, watch the webinar recording and let us know what you think.

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