Beauty Webinar Recap: Creating Winning Concepts by Incorporating Consumer Feedback Early & Often

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In our recent webinar with Gia Calhoun, Global Innovation Insights Manager and beauty expert, we uncovered some of the most common challenges and pitfalls when developing beauty concepts, and how to use agile research to overcome them based on your research needs.

4 Common Challenges in the Beauty Industry

1. The beauty industry is changing quickly and drastically.

The way we think about beauty as a country and as an industry is changing. People, including celebrities and models, are celebrating their beauty and any imperfections they might have—#NoFilter.

2. Consumers want to see proof that it works.

Consumers want to see proof that a beauty product works—not only that it works, but that it will work for them. They want to see people with whom they can identify. They also want to see before-and-after pictures to make sure they are investing their time, money, and energy into products that will work for them.

3. There is limited retailer space.

When you are going in with new product innovations, you want to go in as a new SKU, but you need to have a story for your retailer for why they need to shelve all of your products. A common question heard around the industry is “How do you determine which shades you need to have available at the retailer and what can you do to get the retailer on board?”

4. Thinking about how to advertise to a diverse market is important.

There is a common belief in the industry that you should use a Caucasian model when you want to appeal to a more general market. However, more diverse models can resonate with the general market, too. Further, using different sizes of models might help you reach a diverse market. For example, Sports Illustrated recently featured their first plus-sized model on the cover of the Swimsuit Issue.

Where Does Agile Fit?

Agile research can be a great solution for your beauty research needs, depending on what you are trying to achieve and where you are within the product development process. An agile methodology might be right for you…

  • When you need to conduct quant & qual research together: quant provides the diagnosis and qual provides the specific opportunities for refinement
  • When you need quick feedback to screen and refine—you already have your concepts built and just need a quick consumer read to filter and optimize
  • When you need research to be fast and flexible due to non-negotiable timelines—for example, when working with agencies or during a creative execution
  • When you need actionable feedback with the answer to your key question
  • When you need to help influence retail space—timing is typically critical and consumer quotes can make all the difference
  • When last-minute research pops up, whether it’s due to unexpected results or retailer questions

Want to hear more about the product development roadmap as it relates to beauty? Tune to minute 15:03 to see the different types of research you can conduct and the methods that fit with each phase.

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