Bigger Isn’t Always Better: GRIT Commentary Preview!

The spring GRIT report was recently released filling all of our curiosities on what is the next latest and greatest thing in the market research industry. Being involved in such an innovative industry and staying ahead of the curve of advanced methodologies and technologies couldn’t be more critical.

GutCheck CEO Matt Warta was asked to provide his commentary on the current status of the industry and predictions for the future. The full commentary is featured in the spring GRIT report, but here is a short preview of what will be featured:

GRIT Commentary Image

Clients often lament that they don’t have the budget or the time required to gather consumer feedback. In the most recent GRIT survey, budget and speed were brought forth as two of the most mentioned challenges facing the market research industry in 2015. Evidence of this limitation is abundant.

The cost of research is declining and will continue to drop as technology-driven automation continues to be applied to the research process. For example, GutCheck has created a technology that automates the recruitment process for both quantitative and qualitative studies, reducing the time required to recruit respondents for studies to a matter of minutes versus the days or weeks associated with more traditional methods of recruiting.

So why are budget and speed still considered barriers with all of this innovation occurring? This occurs because some companies can become too big and too successful. While it is easy to get complacent with how things are working today, if we challenge ourselves to adopt new and more innovative ways of tackling the way we conduct research, the possibilities are limitless.

Ironically, the biggest challenges for the market research industry mentioned in this year’s GRIT report are perhaps its biggest opportunity.

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