Check Out the GutCheck Crib!

Denver Startup Week is upon us! Since 2012, the most creative and well-connected innovators from Colorado and beyond come together for a week of learning, discussion, networking, and more. Last year over 650 companies, including GutCheck, engaged in 125 community-driven events all with the goal of celebrating entrepreneurial spirit here in our home town — the Mile High City.

And this year, the event is even larger, and so are we!

GutCheck began in 2010, in our modest office with just 4 employees. Since then we have grown by leaps and bounds boasting a continuously growing staff of roughly 60 people at our current office in the historic Masonic Building on downtown Denver’s vibrant Sixteenth Street Mall. GutCheck, recently named as one of Colorado Biz’s 20 “perk”-iest companies and one of “Colorado’s Hottest” Companies, prides itself as being a workplace where the vibe is one of dedication to both customer and employee satisfaction.

The folks at Denver Startup Week love sharing stories of high-growth companies in the local area and GutCheck was one of six local companies asked to share our story in the Startup Cribs: Why Place Matters video featurette.

Startup Cribs: Why Place Matters

Client and Employee Focused

In this video, our Co-Founder and CEO, Matt Warta, shares some of the secrets to GutCheck’s inspiring success. His maniacal focus on customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction as our company’s guiding “North Star” principle plays a huge role in the company’s continual growth. To ensure this focus continues as the company grows, we instituted its GASI system to evaluate potential and existing members of its team. Literally meaning Give A Shit Index, the index is based on employee openness, intellectual honestly, economic thinking skills, and team orientation. Our GASI-est employees are recognized by their peers each month for exhibiting these key cultural characteristics.

The Agile Model

Our company is built on an agile market research model that is substantially quicker and less expensive than the standard competitive offerings — the advantage of agile research is actively embraced by more and more companies worldwide. By providing a solution that delivers the prescriptive consumer insight that help our client’s products and advertisements win, we enable research departments to be flexible, inventive and responsive.

Take a virtual tour of our office and culture with the Startup Cribs; Why Place Matters video above and if you would like to learn more about agile market research, download our eBook…