The Game Has Already Changed: GRIT Commentary 2017

It’s time once again for the bi-annual release of the most comprehensive survey of the market research industry: the GreenBook Research Industry Trends Report. Building upon the insights and rankings that were covered in the first half of 2016, this report dives deeper into the latest methods, technology, and trends that have been observed in throughout the industry. Among the many forward-looking topics discussed, the GRIT report explores questions surrounding marketplaces, artificial intelligence, and using non-traditional data sources for insight generation.

But amidst all this talk about the future, we found a troubling statistic: almost 70% of clients and 75% of providers in the GRIT report still see automation as a potential game-changer or “interesting trend.” Here at GutCheck—and at other innovative research companies—it’s not just a trend; it’s the standard. And as our CEO Matt Warta elaborates in his GRIT commentary, automation is more than just a time-saver: its true value lies in its enablement of inventive, responsive methodologies that work together to comprise agile market research. As Matt puts it,

In order to rise to [the] occasion, you can’t just automate existing methodologies already out there. Automation is only part of the story; it will be the combination of technologies and methodology that derives the most value for clients.

Not only has automation already changed the game, it has also laid the foundation for the next round. Once speed and affordability have been achieved, the next step is to address research problems with specificity and synergy, combining the various tools that automation facilitates.

Click below to read the full commentary and find examples of how to truly change the game by combining the advantages of automation to address specific research areas like benchmarking and concept testing.

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