Big Data Is Not at All Hype: GRIT Commentary 2018

GutCheck GRIT

Big data is certainly not a new topic, and based on the $187B in projected spend on big data solutions—four times the market research industry—it’s clear that big data is more than “hype.” In fact, in the most recent GRIT Report, 70 percent of respondents are leveraging or considering leveraging big data. While the GRIT Report provides information on a variety of topics from emerging methods, challenges and opportunities, and the outlook of our industry, our CEO Matt Warta knows it’s all about the insights and scalability as he discusses why big data is not at all hype in his most recent GRIT Commentary.

It’s All About the Insights

The future of insights and the future of the market research industry are here. Through millions of consumer profiles, big data builds rich personas and insights that provide the answers needed to effectively message and grow market share. Download the full GRIT commentary to

  • See how marketing and advertising professionals are already leveraging big data and how it drives predictable ROI
  • Understand big data’s potential in a research context and how brands can infuse survey research with big data to drive truly unique insights
  • Learn why big data solutions have not been adopted at scale in the research industry and how technology can help turn them into agile, scalable solutions
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