GutChecker Spotlight: Molly Wright

Nov 15, 2018

Here at GutCheck, we have some amazing people with a variety of diverse backgrounds and experiences. So we decided to sit down with them and learn more. From their work history to advice on how to be successful to their spirit animal, our spotlight series seeks to uncover all there is to know about our fellow GutCheckers.

Molly Wright

Our third spotlight in our series is on Molly Wright. Molly has been at GutCheck for 5.5 years and has some insight to share regarding her success in her role as a director of key accounts.

Prior to GutCheck

Molly was a broadcast journalism major in college. She did that for a bit, and then it transitioned into journalism. From her journalism experience, she figured out how to pitch stories, get people involved, and it easily turned into sales for her. She’s always been curious and always loved learning, so being able to help a client be better at their job is really what motivates her most. “The thing I love about research is that there are always questions and opportunities to learn,” she adds.

A Fun Fact

“I was a magician’s assistant for a summer before college, but I never got sawed in half. I was made to disappear quite a few times. I’m also a certified racecar driver. I went to a school right after college. My dad and brother got me lessons. My only job was to know how to drive a stick before I went, but once they started on the safety lessons that knowledge went out the window. I had to be taken out to be taught how to drive a stick in a Dodge Neon. It was mostly men, and the cars weren’t even rigged for women at that point. My feet were pretty far from the pedals.”

A Typical Day at GutCheck

Molly’s role is to help empower clients to find new ways to answer important business questions and also to build more relevant products and communications. Recently, she interviewed a local entrepreneur to get her thoughts on our newest product, GutCheck Constellation. To Molly, it’s important to network with thought leaders and understand the needs in the marketplace; there are also scoping calls, client visits, and much, much more.

What She Likes Most About Working at GutCheck

Molly loves how you can create your own path. She says, “In the 5.5 years I’ve been here, the company has completely supported me in all aspects. The company enables you to figure out how you can best succeed and supports you in that. For me, it’s being able to be an entrepreneur of my own within an entrepreneurial environment.”

Achieving Success in Her Role

Molly believes that knowing yourself enough and having emotional intelligence and awareness of who you are is very big. “You need to stay motivated and ask for what you need in a constantly changing environment. Change can be frustrating, but if you find your own way to stay calm in that you’ll do just fine,” she says.

She also believes in putting the client first and understanding not only what they need personally but what they need to succeed professionally. It’s important to understand how she can empower her clients through a strong partnership with them. Knowing about their career aspirations helps her support them in that mission however she can.

Advice to Her Younger Self

“Let go of the perfectionism. When you’re younger, it’s all about proving yourself and you’re waiting for somebody else to validate what you know. You think failure means the end. As you progress, you realize failure doesn’t really exist and the only failure is when you don’t learn something. Every single hurdle, up or down, is just a data point. You don’t need to wait for someone to tell you what to do to move forward,” she says.

If She Won the Lottery, What Would She Do?

Molly would do “so many things!” She would probably start an organization on the side that was dedicated solely to re-educating people on the power of thought. She would also throw a giant dance party, but would make sure it would start really early, like around 5, so she could still go to bed early.

Describing the GutCheck Culture

Molly says, “We’ve always joked in sales that it’s one lifeboat. You have to have full support from your peers and cross-functionally to be able to succeed. It’s also coupled with an unrivaled bit of fun in the wit and the humor that we have. That’s what keeps it going when it gets stressful. The people here are some of the smartest that I’ve ever met.”

Molly also talked about how great her clients are and how rewarding it is to provide them with solutions that truly help them achieve their goals.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, check us out. We’re currently seeking exceptional talent for sales positions. To learn more, visit our careers page below.

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© 2019 GutCheck is a registered trademark of Brainyak, Inc. All rights reserved.