GutCheck Spotlight: Nathan Curtis

GutChecker Spotlight Series

Here at GutCheck, we have some amazing people with a variety of diverse backgrounds and experiences. So we decided to sit down with them and learn more. From their work history to advice on how to be successful to their spirit animal, our spotlight series seeks to uncover all there is to know about our fellow GutCheckers.

Nathan Curtis

Our second spotlight in our series is on Nathan Curtis. Nathan has been in a variety of roles throughout his 4 years at GutCheck and he has some insight to share regarding his success in his role as a senior account executive in particular.

Prior to GutCheck

Nathan is the youngest of three and grew up in rural Iowa—so rural, his graduating class was only 30! He went to Iowa State for journalism and speech communications. We find in the market research world, journalism is a common degree. Nathan stayed local and his first job after school was with Wells Fargo. However, after consistently hearing from friends who lived in Denver about how great it was, he finally made the move himself.

A Fun Fact

Nathan has always worked alongside his best friend, Katie, who is currently a strategic accounts director at GutCheck. It was Katie who encouraged him to take a job at GutCheck in the first place. His reason to join GutCheck is in part due to her, but what stood out to Nathan most was the leadership and general excitement the people had. Although this was in the early days of GutCheck, Nathan, and many of us, would agree this still stands out. He continues to love the startup mentality—an all-hands-on-deck and family-style approach—and the fact that we’re innovating in our industry.

Describing What He and GutCheck Do to Those Who Aren’t Familiar with Market Research

Nathan explains how GutCheck helps companies of all sizes understand their consumers, help with product development, and enhance their advertising strategy to be more successful within the market.

A Typical Day at GutCheck

Due to Nathan’s particular role at GutCheck, there are two types of days he shares with us. When he’s in the office, Nathan’s usually finding new organizations to work with, communicating with them and clients through a variety of channels, and giving demonstrations to create excitement for those who want to work with us. He also spends time mentoring new sales hires and provides continuous training and support for our new business team. Other days, Nathan is also traveling to meet with his clients. During those times, his typical day could include multiple cities and meeting with clients to learn more about how we can help them.

What He Likes Most About Working at GutCheck

As is commonly mentioned, Nathan likes working at GutCheck because of the people. But he also likes that we promote a healthy work-life balance and that we actually celebrate when you spend time with family or take a break; a key aspect of our work-life balance is also having the flexibility to occasionally work from home.

Aside from that, Nathan likes how GutCheck is a constant place of learning—we’re always changing and it’s a great environment to be in if you prefer an agile mindset. He also really enjoys interviewing candidates as he feels it’s exciting to meet the people who will potentially bring new perspectives to the company, since we have such a strong focus on culture.

Achieving Success in His Role

You might be surprised to know that Nathan currently holds the record for the most roles worked at GutCheck. In fact, he’s been in multiple positions within marketing, business development, and sales. He feels this is in part due to the fast-paced and changing nature of GutCheck, but appreciates the benefits it’s given him: each position has taught him new things from writing to competitive analysis to a better understanding of what goes into gathering and nurturing new leads. Bringing it all together, he feels he’s better at level-setting and connecting with clients.

Regardless of what role he’s in, Nathan is confident that being organized—something he can control—assists in his success. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being not controlling at all and 10 being a control freak, he feels he’s an 8—though this only translates to his work and not his personal life. Nathan shares that being able to organize his day by the tasks he needs to complete helps him get a good grasp of what he needs to do to have a successful week.

Personally, Nathan also feels his natural, outgoing personality aids him, especially in sales. Further, he’s a very genuine person and approaching his client needs with a desire to truly help them makes his sales strategy more effective. To become more successful, Nathan hopes to attend more speaking events and learn how to be less reactionary.

He Left GutCheck at One Point But Came Back—Why?

Nathan was recruited to another company in Denver, but after he got there, he realized the culture couldn’t compare. He was also still communicating with our leadership and found the senior leadership at his new company wasn’t ideal—often what they did wasn’t always on par with what they said they’d do. In hindsight, he was glad it happened because it put things into perspective and showed him just how awesome GutCheck and our people are.

Advice to His Younger Self

Nathan has some advice specific to his education and approach to work. While Nathan’s degree in journalism is certainly beneficial to his career in the market research industry, he does wish he had done a double major in advertising and marketing. He also says he’d tell his younger self “You’ll never regret working hard.” Sometimes Nathan feels he could have worked harder on his education and he’s even considered the idea of going back to school to get a master’s degree.

Advice for Those at GutCheck

Though Nathan is grateful for the experience and roles he’s held, his regret is that it didn’t provide him with the opportunity to ever fully master something. He’d certainly recommend making a point of focusing on something throughout a career. Additionally, he advises us—especially Millennials—to realize that success can come in many forms. You can be a successful individual contributor; it’s not always about being a people manager when it comes to being successful, which can be a common misconception in his experience. His advice for those who aren’t at GutCheck yet: bring your “A” game if you’re interviewing because we don’t settle.

If He Won the Lottery Tomorrow, What Would He Do?

Easy—he says he’d split it between his two best friends so they could all retire and travel together.

Nathan’s parting words were to talk about how great our clients are and how rewarding it is to work in sales for a company that brings solutions to clients that truly helps them and not just sells them a product.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, check us out. We’re seeking exceptional talent so bring your A game! And due to our growth we have multiple opportunities available—including some on Nathan’s team. To learn more, visit our careers page below.

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