GutChecker Spotlight: Audrey Talbott

GutChecker Spotlight Series

Here at GutCheck, we have some amazing people with a variety of diverse backgrounds and experiences. So we decided to sit down with them and learn more. From their work history to advice on how to be successful to their spirit animal, our spotlight series seeks to uncover all there is to know about our fellow GutCheckers.

Audrey Talbott

Our fourth spotlight in our series is on Audrey Talbott. Audrey has been at GutCheck for three years and has some insight to share regarding her success in her role as Team Lead, QA Engineering.

Prior to GutCheck

Prior to joining the GutCheck team, Audrey got into the software field because her background in the Navy was imagery analysis. When she got out of the military, she was a product verification analyst at DigitalGlobe, which taught her about software testing.

When asked about what important turning points she’s had in her career, Audrey says, “I had no money for college so I went to the Navy. Once I realized that loading bombs onto planes was not transferable to the regular world, I became an intelligence specialist. Josh Ashton gave me my first shot outside of the military, and then I came to work with him here at GutCheck.”

A Fun Fact

“I was a .240 gunner in Afghanistan while I was in the Navy.”

A Typical Day at GutCheck

For Audrey, a typical day is never the same. She supports her engineering colleagues through story refinement and sprint planning. Because she’s building out an overarching quality strategy, it’s never stagnant; strategy is built out and refined over time.

What She Likes Most About Working at GutCheck

“I like the independence to try new things and fail. GutCheck gives me the ability to try new and innovative things; I’m not dictated to or told how to do things. I have experienced things well outside a standard QA realm, like release management and security. These things allow me to be a better lead,” she says.

Achieving Success in Her Role

For Audrey, the critical ingredient to success in her role is collaboration. If she cannot get buy-in and ensure that others feel empowered, goals cannot be met.

If She Won the Lottery, What Would She Do?

The same thing! But in that scenario, it would just be for fun.

Describing the GutCheck Culture

“Teamwork makes the dreamwork. The company isn’t perfect, but problems aren’t tackled in silos here. We work together on the tough stuff, especially cross-functional issues.”

What It Takes to Be Successful at a Company Like GutCheck

Willingness to not be the smartest person in the room. Audrey believes teamwork is what makes things happen, and people need to be able to leverage the ideas of others to get things done.

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