GutChecker Spotlight: Kate Sowder

Mar 22, 2019

Here at GutCheck, we have some amazing people with a variety of diverse backgrounds and experiences. So we decided to sit down with them and learn more. From their work history to advice on how to be successful, our spotlight series seeks to uncover all there is to know about our fellow GutCheckers.

Kate Sowder


Our fifth spotlight in our series is on Kate Sowder. Kate has been at GutCheck for three years and has some insight to share regarding her experience in her role as manager of the research science team.

Prior to GutCheck

Before joining the GutCheck team, Kate worked at a company called SMG for seven years where she started in research and worked her way into a hybrid role between research, product development, and sales.

A Fun Fact

Her maiden name is Hercules!

A Typical Day at GutCheck

“I am the manager of the research science team. I honestly don’t have a typical day at GutCheck, and that is what I love. My team is mainly in charge of creating new methodologies for our products.”

What It Takes to Be Successful

“To be innovative and successful, I think you have to be open to taking risks, which can be difficult to do in the research industry.”

What She Likes Most About Working at GutCheck

Kate truly appreciates the people she works with. Not only that, she likes being challenged to take risks and fail fast. When it comes to skills, Kate enjoys being able to explain complicated statistics in an easy, digestible way while thinking outside of the box.

Describing the GutCheck Culture

“We are passionate, over-achieving, fun-loving individuals who value each other’s opinions.”

Career Advice for Her Younger Self

If she could give her younger self advice, she’d remind herself not to take things so seriously because work needs to be a balance.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, check us out. We’re currently seeking exceptional talent for positions on Kate’s team. To learn more, visit our careers page below.

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