In Case You Missed Them: Our Favorite Published Articles from 2018 Pt. 1

Dec 20, 2018

Even though the holidays are right around the corner, it’s hard to believe it’s the end of another great year—one spent building meaningful partnerships with our clients and readers. Thank you for following along with us on the journey. We look forward to continuing the conversation in 2019.

In the spirit of reflection, let’s take a look at some of our favorite published articles in 2018.

Why Behavioral Science Is Critical to Market Research

Hosted by Target Marketing

“What if we could identify consumers’ underlying emotions or motivations to improve our understanding of whether they were actually going to purchase a product? Over the past few years, marketing and research have been digging into the “why” behind behaviors to get even deeper, below the surface of the insights we deliver. The goal is to help brands better understand the true drivers of consumers’ behavior — and it all starts with behavioral science.”

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Breaking Down the Barrier Between Market Research & Data Science

Hosted by GreenBook

“Market research and data science both have something in common; they’re critical to a business that wants to learn more about its consumers and make better strategic decisions. Data science and market research are two sides of the same coin and it’s time to take them a step further, break down their walls, and leverage them together.”

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Want to Make the Most of AR? Here’s How Consumers Actually Use It.

Hosted by VentureBeat

“Many brands are beginning to understand the definition and impact of augmented reality. But there are few insights into the AR consumer, and even fewer insights into the messaging and communication of how and why AR should be used to that consumer. Therefore brands who may have already developed an AR tool, or are in the process of developing one, need to know how they can message and communicate their solution, because AR is likely to be a game-changer for a variety of products and services.”

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