In Case You Missed Them: Our Favorite Published Articles from 2018 Pt. 2

Jan 17, 2019

As we kick off another exciting year in market research, we like to reflect on the successes we saw in 2018 as well. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite published articles from last year. (And you can check out part 1 here!)

What’s here and what’s ahead: Marketing research trends and innovations

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“It’s hard to know just how far and wide emerging consumer trends were actually adopted by retailers and CPG brands this year. We’ll know when we all start practicing our pout before we pay for the oil change that facial recognition is here to stay.

But while some of these trends are fun to think about, they didn’t (and won’t continue to) materialize without serious market research behind them. In the cultural supercollider where market research lives, researchers not only have to brace for, but also anticipate, the impact of many competing interests, influences, and technologies on the industries and companies they serve.”

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The State of Personalization

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“When it comes to marketing and advertising efforts, the world of personalization is constantly evolving. There are new regulations regarding data privacy and new strategies are evolving to increase the accuracy and impact of personalization efforts. Resultantly, many brands must start approaching their personalization strategies differently.”

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© 2019 GutCheck is a registered trademark of Brainyak, Inc. All rights reserved.