Introducing the GutCheck Crisis Brand Tracker

Apr 9, 2020

In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, brands around the globe are facing some serious issues. The onset of this crisis has thrown every industry into constant flux, with realities changing by the day, sometimes by the hour. No one has an answer for when things might get back to a state of normalcy, making it extremely difficult for businesses to know how they should move forward.

For instance, how are your consumers reacting to your brand and industry during these difficult times? How have their behaviors and attitudes changed in response to the pandemic? How can you understand your consumers and retain relevancy in their minds when so much has changed?

There’s no shortage of questions facing your business at the moment. However, there is one thing we know for certain, and it applies to every organization out there – in order to survive, you need to pivot strategies and shift priorities. How quickly and effectively you’re able to respond to this new reality will have a direct impact on business performance, both in the short and long term.

But how exactly do you proceed? Without the right insights, it’s impossible to know if you’re taking the right path forward. Without a comprehensive understanding of your consumer and their needs, you’re flying blind, into a thunderstorm, without any knowledge of the controls – a sure recipe for disaster.

Recognizing the urgency of this unique situation, we’ve launched an agile new solution – the GutCheck Crisis Brand Tracker. Blending the right mix of speed and rigor, this offering can be swiftly deployed to help companies determine the right course of action quickly, and with a high degree of confidence. And that mix is critical, because sacrificing one for the other will ultimately result in missed opportunities or misguided strategies.

By implementing our Crisis Brand Tracker, you can:

  • Monitor key brand health and performance metrics.
  • Compare trends over time.
  • Understand how your category/industry is evolving, and where you stand relative to the competition.
  • Gauge consumer behaviors and attitudes before, during, and after the pandemic.

During this time of extreme uncertainty, these insights will help light your path toward the right decisions with the best possible outcomes. And if you can figure this out before your competition does, you can build a serious advantage.

It may feel at times like there is no end in sight to this crisis. But something to keep in mind: if history has taught us anything, we will make it out of this storm. The businesses that come out stronger on the other side will be those that took a step back to understand and adapt as quickly as possible.

To learn more about GutCheck’s Crisis Brand Tracker and how it can help your business understand and respond to rapidly evolving consumer behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic, set up a call with our team.

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