Looking for a Few Work Perks? GutCheck’s Got ‘Em

GutCheck can now add another accolade to the mix: perk-y.

We don’t mean bubbly or jaunty, although we’re probably those, too.  What we’re talking about here are perks, as in all those little extras that make employees feel valued and want to stick around.

Recently named as one of Colorado Biz’s 20 “perk”-iest companies, GutCheck stands out as a workplace where the vibe is one of fun; in fact, we may even insist on it.  Our CEO, Matt Warta, wasn’t kidding when he said, “I’m a social guy, and when I started [GutCheck], I wanted to work with great people and have fun at work.”

That’s why the Official Fun Committee exists, which plans activities like game night and bowling and other outings such as ice skating and ping pong tournaments for our team, which is at 40 folks and quickly growing.

Here we are in bowling shoes and suspenders (and that’s Matt with the ball):


But it’s not just about a let-your-hair-down mentality.  In the last three years, GutCheck has risen to the top of market research innovation with our on-demand consumer insights platform and agile philosophy.  Which means that along the way — in addition to knowing how to have a good time — our employees are also a bunch of whip-smart folks who believe in what we’re doing.

Do the perks attract talent?  We’re sure of it.  Providing a product and service that companies like P&G and General Mills rave about doesn’t hurt either.

GutCheck is Hiring

“If we hire people smaller than us, we shall become a company of dwarfs.  If, on the other hand, we hire people bigger than us, we will become a company of giants.” — David Ogilvy

GutCheck has adopted this philosophy in our approach to hiring, and it has served us well.

Like Matt reiterates, “We are super focused on bringing on giants from a cultural and competency perspective who can help take us to the next level.”

Interested to see if GutCheck has the right perks for you?  Check out our career page to see a list of available positions.

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