Our August Power User Profile: Mark Travel

Last month, we kicked off our series highlighting the users that make GutCheck work — users who teach us about the app and give us insight into how marketers, advertisers, creative groups and entrepreneurs make research happen. In August, we noticed Mark Travel did a lot of chatting in a very short period of time, and since we saw them pop up so much, we asked how they used the tool.

Like many of our first-time users the Mark Travel team used GutCheck paying as they went, just to make sure they were getting the results they needed before committing to purchasing chats in bulk. They needed quick feedback on some marcom work — including magazine and online advertising campaigns, a brand video, and a revised homepage. They used GutCheck not just because they thought it would be fast, but also because they had to screen out respondents based on age, income and certain travel behaviors using custom questions.

Lauren Schreiner, the director of Mark Travel’s research department, collaborated with the brand team to develop the chat guide. Though she had a guide entering the chat, Lauren told us she was “pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to pull in questions from the ‘question bank’ – or to slip in an unplanned probe to an unanticipated response.” This kind of on-the-fly editing to discussion guides is crucial to getting good feedback, and editing as you go is an easy way to continue to streamline your process and improve your results.

Since their first chat went well — with an engaged respondent and quality feedback — Mark Travel used Team Edition to conduct 15 additional sessions in 8 hours. Like our July power user, (r)evolution, Mark Travel’s moderators also communicated throughout the chat process, and adjusted their questions and guide as the chats progressed. They were able to deliver their topline report to the brand team the next day, providing direction for each of the materials included in the sessions.

Mark Travel really caught our attention for the volume of chats they were able to do in such a short time. As we saw them on the system again and again, it was really inspiring to see work done so quickly and so well. We’re looking forward to seeing how they use our tool in the future!

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