Our September power user: Jake Taylor

Though many of GutCheck’s users tend to be larger companies with more than one employee, we also see start ups and entrepreneurs use the tool quite often. Jake Taylor is in the latter group, and he’s one of our favorite users. Jake tweets about his use, which we really appreciate seeing, but he also let us know some more details about the kind of work he was doing, and it was pretty interesting.

A graphic and web designer, Jake actually found out about GutCheck from a co-worker that had used it before. He began using the tool back in July, mainly “to vet out logo ideas for a new company’s branding and also to test alternatives for tag lines to accompany the logo.” In addition, Jake has used the tool to test consumer adoption campaigns, narrowing down his respondents to the specific area that the campaign was going to be used in.

Jake said one of the benefits to using GutCheck was the discussion guide — because “having a list of questions in the same order every time kept the user feedback easy to track and made sure every user interview was conducted the same way.” Also, obviously the ability to push his logo and other media made the project doable.

When we see the same users coming back for multiple projects, we notice! We love our loyal users and are always curious about their projects. Want to be a power user? Let us know how you’re using GutCheck or how can we make GutCheck work better for you. Leave us a comment below, let us know on Twitter (@gutcheckit), or drop us a message at info@gutcheckit.com.