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Market Research
Grit logo in forest green with light green rays coming from behind it
GRIT Greenbook graphic with orange and purple and blue background
Hand writing on black chalk board with A2+B2 = Consumer intimacy? typed over top of image
Old GutCheck log with a dark blue speech bubble below describing the change of research that GC is performing
Agile Market Research with speech bubbles getting larger then arrow pointing to register here as an orange CTA
Agile Concept Refinement image with week long timeline and two iteration arrows, one grey another in orange
GutCheck Grit Commentary blog image with grit commentary sheet situated at an angle in center of image
Close up of road shoulder line with 2014 written on the asphalt looking into the distance which is slightly blurry
Respondent on computer with speech bubbles with more respondents in speech bubbles.
Black Friday vs Cyber Monday with Black friday's side having people's outlines lined up at a store and Cyber monday with laptops and dollar signs on the screen
GutCheck thanksgiving graphic with old GC logo and harvest vegetables in a basket with orange leaves falling

A GutCheck Thanksgiving

living room depicted in bright colors with computer cursors outlined throughout the image. Dark blue with a tint of green background
Innovation written in blue on a chalk board with white speech bubble drawn around it
Top portion of crutches leaned up against a black and yellow caution road sign on a concrete wall
Osama Bin Laden, Blonde beach girl and doll halloween costumes with Consumer feedback about halloween costumes
Newton's Cradle