How Papa Murphy’s Quickly Prioritized Pizza Concepts to Attract Customers New and Old

Even as the demands for health and convenience continue to climb, taste remains the most important metric by which consumers judge food and beverages. But taste is far from universal, and finding the flavors that will entice consumers is still no easy task. For example, Millennials seem to be more adventurous than their Baby Boomer counterparts, and seek fresh, authentic ingredients. Likewise, the increasing multiculturalism of our world means more diverse seasonings and spices entering the mainstream. And what about the flavor desires of an indulgent treat versus a healthy snack? Gaining an understanding of what flavors appeal most—and why—is crucial to food product innovation, meaning brands should get consumers in for a taste test as soon as possible.

So when Papa Murphy’s decided to expand its gourmet line of pizza products, their first phase of product development was centered on prioritizing the topping combination concepts that both regulars and newcomers would find the most appealing. And since the brand is growing, they valued the opinions of those customers who are not yet regular just as much as those who are loyal. Our research team used our Concept PrioritizerTM product to gain a quick quantitative read on how each concept ranked across key metrics including taste appeal, uniqueness, and potential to replace existing favorites.

The detailed statistical evidence of which gourmet concepts performed best among regular and non-regular users alike gave Papa Murphy’s the confidence to move forward with successfully prioritized options. In fact, the reactions to one topping combination in particular were so surprising that it completely altered the course of recipe development. To read the full story of how Papa Murphy’s was able to focus on those concepts that merited refinement, download the case study below.

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