The 7 Most Popular Blogs of 2015

It’s probably no surprise that, as a research company, we love sharing trends in the industry that help fellow researchers understand what the hot topics are. For us, 2015 was filled with a lot of exciting innovations, some new products, and of course a plethora of consumer, user, and shopper insights. It’s been a pleasure to share so much information with our audience through our blog, and we’ve compiled a list of the most popular ones from the past year to share with you. Here are the top 7 most-viewed blogs from 2015:

1. 10 Signs You Work in Market Research


Full of entertaining .gifs, this blog shed light on the fun, weird, quirky characteristics of market researchers. Sometimes we may laugh a little too hard at research jokes, but we also like to laugh at ourselves. Read the full article here.


2. Agile Market Research 2.0: The Quick Consumer Read


Written by CEO Matt Warta, this blog explains the undeniable movement of clients wanting methods, tools, and services that are more agile in nature, especially when it comes to research. He shares several helpful tidbits on how the quick read was born and what that means. Read the full article here.


3. McDonald’s Sham-ROCKS Consumers’ Socks Off with Seasonal Shakes


Shamrock Shake lovers unite! This blog, one of the most-shared, covers the inspiration behind and results of a qualitative research study that was conducted to understand consumer attitudes toward the Shamrock Shake, 40 years after it was first introduced. Read the full article here.


4. Craft Soda: What DEW Consumers Think?


After Mountain Dew released its craft soda offering, DEWShine, the research team at GutCheck decided to ask consumers about their interest in this new product and the idea of craft soda. This blog explores consumer reactions to the product’s name, basis, packaging, and more. Read the full article here.


5. 4 Types of Qualitative Research Testing Methods: Throwback Thursday Edition


In honor of Throwback Thursday, this blog revisited a very popular topic among our audience: different types of qualitative testing. Here, we talked about 4 particular types and shared use cases and examples for each to help researchers understand how and why they might use these approaches. Read the full article here.


6. The “Spirit” of Summer: How Alcoholic Beverage Preferences Change During the Season of BBQs and Shorts


For many, summer means outside activities with the accompaniment of alcoholic beverages. Since so many people have favorite seasonal-based beverages, we decided to get a quick read on Americans’ hard alcohol and spirit preferences during summertime to understand how the summer season impacts consumption. Read the full article here.


7. Quantitative Innovations


It’s hard to go a day in the research industry without coming across some kind of innovation. It’s always been a hot topic and it drives our industry. This article takes a dive into the evolution of a quantitative platform and the importance of innovating based on client needs and statistically accurate data. Read the full article here.


There you have it—our top 7 from this past year! If you’d like to read more about the work we’ve done with our clients or understand how we help our clients problem solve via agile research methodologies, visit some of our client case studies.

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