Webinar Recap: Getting to the Happy Market Research Path in 2015

You missed our webinar? No problem, we’ve got you covered! Here’s a quick recap:

As researchers, we enter 2015 understanding that the industry is quickly changing and advancing. Since researchers and marketers are constantly faced with full schedules, tight budgets and short timelines, they not only have to manage their research plan, but handle those urgent, unexpected questions that often come up. Our recent webinar, covered these topics and explained how GutCheck empowers teams to get quick consumer reads that provide insights for both planned research needs and those last minute questions.

Quick Consumer Reads 101

To those of you who are new to GutCheck, we want to make sure you fully understand what a quick consumer read means. Last year, we asked our clients how they use GutCheck and the answer was clear — when they needed a quick read. So what is a quick read? Let’s break it down:

QUICK: On-demand with insights in days so that the business doesn’t have to wait.
CONSUMER: Insights from specific consumer segments, in their location and language.
READ: Pragmatic research that focuses the limited time available to answering the key questions that move the business forward.

This agile methodology, paired with our worldwide consumer reach via our patent-pending instant recruiting platform, and our dedicated account team allows our client’s to breath easy knowing their research needs, both scheduled and unexpected, are met and within the allotted time needed to hit their continually-shortening deadlines.

The Happy Market Research Path

The perfect, happy path of research is something all teams strive and plan for. They hope their brainstorming session generated quality ideas that will only need simple refinements. From here, they will pass validation testing and achieve in-market success, all within the planned timeline and budget. Sometimes this is the case, but from learning from our client’s experiences, we have found it’s more common that unexpected obstacles arise, derailing research plans.

The More Common Path


The reality is life happens, no matter what industry clients are in. Maybe one of your concepts didn’t pass validation or one of your senior executives has a last-minute idea or a hunch they would like to follow up on. Or maybe you are already in-market and you’re trying to figure out why your product isn’t performing as well as your team thought it would. If you have experienced this, don’t panic! There’s still hope!

How Quick Reads Can Help

During the webinar, we dive into a relatable, detailed client example on how quick consumer reads helped a Fortune 100 client with both the happy and the more common path of research during their packaging test. We also discussed how our specialized research team leveraged both qualitative and quantitative methods to assist our client’s planned and unexpected research, including pre-market and already in-market international research.


Download our full webinar recording to learn more about:

  • How quick consumer reads are changing the impact research can have on vital business decisions
  • How GutCheck’s enhanced qualitative and quantitative solutions are being used together on a global scale to optimize products and communications
  • A detailed client example, highlighting each step of their research process including conducting international qualitative research simultaneously
  • 5 critical research pro-tips that can help you execute your next project
  • Live post-webinar client questions that help new clients understand our methodologies and how it directly applies to them

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