What Market Research (MRX) Isn’t

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Researchers can be a quirky bunch. We celebrate (a little too hard?) when a guide or questionnaire comes back with no edits from a client. We buy products we don’t really need just because we helped test them. We use the word “probe” way too frequently in everyday conversation and constantly ask “why?” We take every survey sent to us—and fib about our jobs on screening questions. And we laugh way too hard at research jokes. But, there’s no harm in having a little fun with research.

Previously, we have visited some characteristics of researchers, moderators, and what market research means to us. Here, we share some ideas on what market research isn’t.

The Answer to a Question You Didn’t Ask.


The Gos has a point: What DO you want?

Market research is many amazing things, but it’s virtually meaningless when clients embark on research without knowing what they want. Research conducted with no guiding question results in fuzzy, unfocused results and analysis. In other words, you can’t get an answer before you have a question.


Always the Result You Wanted or Expected.


Good research assesses consumers’ preferences and interests as faithfully as possible, which won’t always translate to an exact reflection of your hypothesis. A product concept that’s beloved internally may be shot down when tested among consumers—these unexpected results are one of the great reasons to conduct market research in the first place, especially earlier on in the development process.


Nice to Have, but Ultimately an Unnecessary Waste of Time.


Nope. Agile research, in particular, (yes, I know, I work for GutCheck, but seriously, we’re fast and awesome) maximizes key insights for your business problems and avoids expending mass amounts of time and money. When considering the huge time suck represented by an ill-conceived ad or product, market research is the pin in a grenade: A tiny, little item between you and oblivion. And can’t we all agree that the grenade pin is ANYTHING BUT UNNECESSARY?!?


A Texting Shortcut for “Merci.”


What are you even talking about, Urban Dictionary?

Though we take our studies, results, and actionable insights seriously, we also like to have some fun with industry trends and myths along the way and share our ideas on what market research is—and what it isn’t.

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