Why Online Resources Are Making International Market Research Feasible

There was a time in the market research world when international research was viewed as a daunting, uphill battle. Not only was it time consuming and normally included travel to different countries, but researchers could also pretty much kiss a large chunk of their budget for the year goodbye. Fortunately, times have changed and there have been many enhancements to conducting research internationally, especially within the online research realm. Here are three monumental reasons why international research IS feasible and can be part of your 2015 research strategies.


It Doesn’t Have to Destroy Budgets

Although international research is typically more expensive than domestic research due to logistics, online resources have made it more affordable than previous traditional methods. With these advancements, researchers no longer have to travel to other countries to conduct research themselves. Depending on what research they are looking to conduct, companies can now use research vendors with international reach and in-country personnel to connect with those coveted consumers that brands are dying to talk to. With the growing reach of the online research realm, the cost per respondent drastically decreases and companies have the opportunity to spend the cost savings on innovation and other research needs.

It Can Be Quick!

Cut out trying to recruit internationally. Cut out the pre-travel prep. Cut out the cars, buses and airplanes. Cut out finding international moderators. Cut out trying to figure out complex cultural nuances. Yes, get rid of them all. Online research partners are allowing researchers to scope and get projects into field within days. You even have the ability to conduct multiple market studies simultaneously, with skilled in-country experts in each market. The Internet connects researchers and respondents across the world with global companies.

Growing Markets = More Access to Respondents

International markets are continuing to grow, making them an even bigger focus for brands to connect with consumers. Fortunately, this also means that more respondents are gaining access to online resources, making it possible for them to be reached more easily. What that means for researchers is that it is now possible to target more specific audiences and be ensured that a representative sample will be reached. Targeting pregnant women in their third trimester in Brazil is now feasible, and no longer costs thousands to find!

So leave the headaches behind and get comfy in that desk chair. International research is possible and can be accomplished even when timelines are tight. Don’t let past research hype and rumors keep you from connecting with your target audience, internationally or domestically. With GutCheck actively conducting international research in 26 countries and 16 languages, we promise you that it’s possible. Request a demo today to learn how your international research can happen with speed and quality – within budget!