Why Qualitative Research Methods Are Your Best Friend

When you’re developing a product or advertising a product in a new market, having a deep understanding of consumers in that market is critical. Quantitative methods can help researchers and marketers identify consumer trends, but it’s the qualitative methods that provide the deep insights needed to understand WHY those trends are occurring and, more importantly, HOW to take advantage of those trends.

We recently partnered with 360i, a leading digital marketing agency, to help them understand Twitter trends in Brazil as it compares to other markets including the U.S., U.K., India and South Korea.  They collected a random sample of 200 posts via Twitter to understand behavioral trends among Twitter users in Brazil.  To get a deeper understanding of those trends, they partnered with GutCheck to run an Instant Research Community comprised of 20 people who:

  • Are between the ages of 18-24
  • Currently live in Brazil
  • Speak fluent Portuguese
  • Post on Twitter a minimum of 3x per month

The Results

The insights from the qualitative research were clear; there are some key differences between Twitter usage in Brazil vs. the other markets in the study (e.g.: U.S., U.K., India and South Korea).  We wanted to share a couple of the key findings, but you can read all the key findings and the complete study results here.

Key Finding 1

Brazilians prefer to use Twitter during their recreational hours – like breakfast, lunch and dinner – so that they can dedicate more time and thoughts to reading and writing posts.


I enjoy using Twitter in the morning to learn about the news.  I also use it a lot at night, but then mostly to see posts made by friend.

Male Respondent

Key Finding 2

Right now Brazilians following brands on Twitter is common; however, the engagement between consumers and the brands are lower than in other markets.  The respondents in the study shared why this is the case.


I think it is very important for brands to be on Twitter.  In case I do not like the product I can leave my opinion, to help improve the quality of the brand.

Male Respondent

You can read all the key findings and see the full study results here.

Why Qualitative Research is your Best Friend

The initial Twitter research 360i conducted displayed Brazilians trends and tendencies when using Twitter, but didn’t provide the insights they needed to understand why those trends were happening and how it may impact marketing to that segment.

Researchers and marketers are increasingly relying on online qualitative research to make critical business decisions because it provides in-depth consumer insights needed to understand why those trends are happening and how to leverage them to create winning strategies.