Innovation Illuminator

Deeper and broader levels of authentic human understanding to help you innovate with more confidence and more empathy than ever before

Now more than ever, consumers expect brands to show empathy and to demonstrate that they understand their unique needs and expectations. In short, they expect companies to “get them”.

GutCheck Innovation Illuminator uses Human Experience Intelligence, combining advanced Hybrid NLP and text analytics to help marketers and innovators get to these deeper levels of understanding.  

We source from millions of digital, organic, contextual conversations and reactions, then analyze the data using a combination of proprietary ontologies, machine learning and human expertise. 

From this we derive eleven distinct, behavior-driving emotions and pervasive unmet needs which are the richest sources of innovation potential. 

Why Would I Use Innovation Illuminator?

GutCheck Innovation Illuminator is the right solution for you if you need help in these areas:

Category Exploration

  • There’s a lot of ‘white space’ in my category. Where should I focus my innovation?
  • How do thousands of current category users perceive the available offerings?
New Innovation
  • How do I avoid ending up with a ‘me too’ product?
  • How can I harness the authentic experiences of thousands of users rather than just a handful?
Product/Service Optimization
  • How can I optimize my existing offering for better differentiation?
  • Which features are driving most frustration/delight?
Equipped with new and deep understanding of the underlying emotions and drivers of your consumers’ or users’ behaviors, you can be confident of creating exciting, breakthrough innovations which truly connect at an empathic level.

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