April 26, 2018

Concept Testing Methods Guide

concept testing methods guide

What is concept testing? What is its purpose? How is it accomplished?

A concept test is a quantitative or qualitative research study that presents a single stimulus or set of stimuli to consumers to rate on a set of key metrics, like purchase intent, believability, uniqueness, appeal, and more.

Quantitative Concept Testing

In a quantitative test, statistical testing is leveraged to identify top performers.

Common Research Objectives

  • Identify the idea(s) that merit future focus.
  • Understand which claims are most important to target consumers.
  • Identify the flavors/varieties that are unique and appealing to each consumer segment.

Qualitative Concept Testing

In a qualitative test, respondents are asked open-ended questions that help identify key areas to refine or improve.

Common Research Objectives

  • Evaluate consumer reactions to concept(s), focusing on unique advantages, opportunities for refinement, etc.
  • Gauge consumer response to new product concept(s), with emphasis on consumer language.
  • Evaluate opportunities for concept improvement prior to validation, with focus on red flags or points of confusion/disbelief.

Concept Testing Guide Highlights

Concept testing is a critical component to producing a strong end product that is tailored to target consumers. Whether a product idea is just taking shape or becoming fully developed, running it through a concept test at least once is likely going to result in a stronger, more relevant product to take to market—and knowing exactly what concept testing method to employ, and when, is the best way to establish a more efficient process for successful product development.

In this guide, we’ll discuss some concept testing best practices through three examples, including how and when to use each method based on different business situations:

  • You have tight deadlines that make speed critical for answering business questions or have limited time and resources
  • You need a balance of speed, affordability, and expert guidance to address unique business needs as they relate to your concept testing strategy
  • You’re seeking additional information and context to drive business decisions with big picture understanding, like applying insights to both product and marketing efforts for cohesion

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  • Which method or methods to use depending on what stage a concept is in and what your objectives are
  • Case studies of these methods applied
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