November 4, 2015

The Advantages of Pairing Quick Shopper Reads with the Right Target Audience: How Logitech Gained Invaluable Shopper Insights

Logitech case study header image with logitech logo on right and light green graphics on left

Logitech launched its first mobile stand-alone keyboard, which primarily targets iPad users, but also works with smartphones, smart TVs, and Android devices. To maximize the product’s opportunity, the team was looking at alternative targets and positioning, in addition to reevaluating the price point and distribution channels for the selected targets. Quantitative research was conducted on the target segment, but more information was needed to assess the current shopper experience in the context of the store and its product competitors.

Within days, the Logitech team was able to gain several key insights from both the pre-shopping and in-store shopping exercises:
  1. Pre-Shopping Research
  2. Product Findability & Barriers to Purchase
  3. Packaging, Positioning, & Competition