October 18, 2015

Agile Ad Testing: Optimizing This Winter’s Action Movies

Winter Movies

At GutCheck it’s been kind of a tradition for us to conduct research on movie trailers, aiming for insights into which movies hold the biggest draw. Luckily, this is a big year for action, and the five trailers we included in this year’s fall/winter study were Star Wars: The Force Awakens, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part II, The Martian, James Bond: Spectre, and The Revenant.

The Methodology

Using a quantitative/qualitative approach, the study identified appealing and unappealing elements of each trailer, as well as identified areas where the trailer could be improved. The study also identified the movie that respondents are most interested in seeing in theaters.

Curious to know more? Downloading the infographic will give you a more visual understanding of the results and feedback, including helpful respondent verbatims.