October 5, 2017

App Usage and Security Concerns

Person using phone with overlaid graphic about interconnected web and different items like grocery shopping, laptop coming out of surrounding circle

According to estimates, in 2017, the UK is set to become one of the top five countries in terms of smartphone penetration. With such pervasive smartphone integration into everyday life, the issue of privacy and security of information collected or shared by apps has risen to the forefront for smartphone users and app creators. As a result, we wanted to learn how users in the UK feel about sharing the data that is collected, whether they understand how that data is used, and what factors affect willingness to share information through an Exploratory Research Group™.

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  • User’s awareness and perceptions of how app data is used by the app and third parties along with barriers and triggers to sharing data
  • Reactions to data sharing scenarios in the context of different apps (GPS based, social media, games, mobile banking/investing, etc.) to understand what tradeoffs consumers believe having data collected is acceptable and necessary for the app functionality, and where data collection seems unnecessary
  • Perceptions of a hypothetical app and explore assurances users need to feel comfortable sharing information
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