August 8, 2016

Best Practices: Getting the Most Out of Your Creative Research

best practices for getting the most out of your creative research text graphic

With precious little time to get creative right, copy research must deliver actionable and relevant insights. Thoughtful research strategy and design can be the difference between a successful creative execution and a missed opportunity to effectively reach your target audience.

Watch this complementary webinar to explore best practices for an effective copy/creative research strategy and tips on:

  • Research objectives to maximize value
  • Methodological considerations
  • Questionnaire/discussion guide design
  • Relevant audiences
  • Most effective stimuli


Mitzi Lorentzen, Vice-President, Creative Development at Millward Brown North America
Mitzi plays an instrumental role in the development and evolution of Creative Development Programs to maximize client impact throughout the creative development process. This includes bringing together various disciplines to help clients gain deeper consumer insights to optimize their creative content. Mitzi has extensive experience consulting on brands and communications across a wide range of marketers, both domestically and globally. She is also an active member and speaker at the ARF and a winner of two Great Mind awards for Innovative Research Ideas. Her work has been published in AdMap and been quoted in AdWeek.

Deb Roberts, Director, Business Operations & Strategy, GutCheck
Deb leads the Millward Brown / GutCheck partnership, structuring and implementing best practices for creative research through an agile platform, and aligning the organizations to work in synergy, to bring the best solutions to meet each client’s unique needs. Deb brings over 20 years of brand marketing, innovation, and consulting experience at global consumer products companies like Quaker Oats and The Coca-Cola Company. Deb holds a MBA from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. She is fulfilling her life dream of living in Colorado, and loves everything active & outdoors, cooking, dancing, crosswords, and letting her garden grow.