April 5, 2017

Best Practices for New Product Development: From Early-Stage Concepts to In-Market Success

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You have unique business challenges, no matter how big or small, so it’s imperative that you have access to the right expertise, technology, and agility giving you the power to progress.

Join Derron Wrubel, Innovation Consulting, Foods Division at Nestlé USA, and Matt Warta, CEO of GutCheck, as they share a story of new product development from early exploration all the way through to product launch and in-market performance.

Watch this webinar to learn

  • What challenges agile research can help address and how it saves time and resources
  • How agile research enables an iterative approach to learning throughout the new product development process
  • Best practices & tips developed by Nestlé’s innovation team including opportunities where you might be able to gain efficiencies within your development process
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