July 7, 2014

Are Bud Light’s Fruity ‘Ritas Cool Enough for the Heat? Consumers Mostly Think So

Bud Light Beer Ritas

Since summer is officially here, we thought it would be a good idea to get our drink on. That is, we wanted to understand how consumers perceive Bud Light’s seasonal margarita- and fruit-flavored beers…while sampling a few ourselves on GutCheck’s awesome patio (OK, I made up that last part).

Using a quant/qual approach, we launched an Instant Research Community of 31 legal-aged respondents who had previously tried Bud Light’s original margarita-flavored Lime-a-rita, and polled an additional 251 beer, margarita, or flavored malt beverage drinkers through Google Consumer Surveys, in order to find out:

Research Objectives

  • The initial appeal of Bud Light’s flavored beers and the ideal scenarios for enjoying them
  • How new flavors stack up next to traditional ones
  • What changes, if any, consumers would suggest