December 7, 2017

Drive Value by Infusing Survey Research with Big Data

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Join us to learn how both primary market research and real-world data can help you better understand your consumer, positively influence your product development, and make notable improvements in your media effectiveness.

We will demystify terms like “big data” and “machine learning,” all while clearly demonstrating how you can leverage these powerful tools to drive success across your organization from research to product to media buying. We will help you connect the dots and unlock the power of audience intelligence to drive customer segmentation.

Watch this webinar to learn

  • How to pair survey data with big data to improve your media effectiveness
  • Why audience-first market research is essential to effective customer segmentation
  • How a thorough understanding of personality characteristics can transform your brand’s creative and copy to connect with your consumers


Keith Johnson, Chief Product Officer, GutCheck
Renee Smith, Chief Research Officer, GutCheck

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