June 11, 2018

How Endangered Species Chocolate Brought Their Consumers to Life to Inform a Messaging & Activation Strategy

Endangered Species Chocolate Case Study

By leveraging GutCheck Constellation®, Endangered Species Chocolate (ESC), a brand focused on giving back to wildlife preservation efforts, was able to understand how to acquire new customers through a more targeted marketing strategy. By taking a dive deep into their existing consumer segments to understand more about what makes each of them unique, they also learned how to effectively leverage those differences in their marketing tactics. 

To provide clarity, GutCheck Constellation is an agile solution that connects survey data with billions of big data points, giving you a more holistic view of your consumers, including how to effectively reach them. This solution makes big data actionable in a meaningful way and provides tangible answers that enable you to build products and content that speak directly to your evolving consumers. 

Check out the full case study to see

  • How the Endangered Species Chocolate brand was able to explore their consumer segments’ habits and practices when it came to chocolate flavors and other product attributes. 
  • How the brand was also able to understand media consumption by segment to learn when and how to reach their unique target audiences.
  • What specific communication and creative recommendations ultimately resulted from the research that would allow ESC to better message and position their brand to each segment.
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