November 9, 2017

Financial Services Customer Journey with Advertising Exploratory Research Group™

2 men and a women looking over a paper

The financial services industry is a deeply customer focused one. While many consumers choose to stay with the financial providers that their parents chose for them or they started with, certain life events do come into play that can lead consumers to look at or reach out to other financial options. Understanding how consumers feel during these life stages, particularly when it comes to planning and learning about their options, is important to the strategy financial services teams take. As a result, this Exploratory Research Group™ looked to understand the financial customer journey among the rising generations and the opportunities financial providers have to reach them at these critical moments.

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  • How consumers feel about their current financial provider—in their own words via video responses
  • Current frustrations consumers have with their financial providers
  • The impact that email, direct mail, TV, and web advertising channels have when it comes to financial communications
  • The most influential factors in a consumer’s decision to choose a new provider and how financial providers can improve their communications based on those factors
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