July 3, 2018

GutCheck Constellation® Natural Lotion Consumer Segmentation Report

women putting on lotion

Good For All, a consumer goods and health brand, has developed a new natural lotion product. They have already established they have four unique segments of consumers in the personal care category. Each segment is focused on various things from minimal ingredients to value to their healthy routines to sustainability. However, when it comes to this specific product, Good For All is looking to target only one of their segments with this new product to better personalize their offering and increase brand loyalty.

Using our GutCheck Constellation methodology, we sought to understand which segment is the best target audience for Good For All’s new personal care product. GutCheck Constellation is an agile solution that connects survey data with billions of big data points, giving you a more holistic view of your consumers, including how to effectively reach them. This solution makes big data actionable in a meaningful way and provides tangible answers that enable you to build products and content that speak directly to your evolving consumers.

Download the full report to learn

  • Which of the four potential segments is the best target audience for Good For All’s new natural lotion product
  • The media consumption habits and preferences of the target audience to learn where they spend their time and how they might be reached
  • Key personality traits of the target segment to better understand how Good For All can effectively design and message the product for ultimate resonance and appeal
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