June 18, 2018

GutCheck Constellation® Robotic Vacuum Product Innovation Report

Robotic vacuum cleaning the floor

Good For All, a consumer goods and health brand, developed a new product innovation—a robotic vacuum—but was unsure who the new product would resonate with and how they should communicate with them. As a result, we tested their concept using our GutCheck Constellation methodology and approach in order to get the answers they needed.

GutCheck Constellation is an agile solution that connects survey data with billions of big data points, giving you a more holistic view of your consumers, including how to effectively reach them. This solution makes big data actionable in a meaningful way and provides tangible answers that enable you to build products and content that speak directly to your evolving consumers. 

Download the full report to learn

  • Who Good For All’s robotic vacuum concept favorable audience is based on their demographics, interests, hobbies, and more
  • What messaging Good For All should use with this audience based on their barriers, triggers, and their target audiences’ unique personality profile
  • How and when Good For All should target their concept favorable audience based on their specific media consumption habits
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