December 19, 2018

How Google’s Product Team Uses Agile Research to Stay Innovative

Google Case study header image with google logo on right and light green graphic on left

The nature of technology requires speed. And to be innovative in the technology space requires even more speed. For one Google product team in particular, working on experimental social apps and pursuing better experiences for users means regular research and product iteration; it’s necessary to fail fast in order to find the big wins. However, traditional research typically isn’t famous for laser-fast results, and users expect quick product development from Google. In a culture that moves as fast as Google does, it’s hard to find market research solutions that can keep up. So, as product marketers, how do they get in front of weekly product releases while driving each product’s strategy?

  1. By building the right toolkit, which includes the right vendor and methodology for each research need.
  2. By getting to know their audience and grounding their research process in that distinct audience.


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