December 11, 2017

Greek Yogurt Line Optimizer™ Report

greek yogurt in a bowl

Good For All brands entered the Greek Yogurt market recently, with 4 varieties of blended yogurts. However, both customers and retailers have said that they don’t see their flavors as differentiated from any other premium yogurt brands that are in the market. As a result, GutCheck tested a robust set of their current and potential flavors in a Line Optimizer™ study to determine which new or existing flavors they should move forward with for their natural and mass grocery retailer clients. 

Download the full research report to learn

  • How many flavors the Good For All Brand should offer before they see incremental reach plateau
  • If Good For All should they replace any of their current flavors with new flavors, and which ones will provide the greatest reach
  • Which flavors should be offered for their retailer-exclusive lines in the mass and natural grocer space More about this study
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