October 27, 2017

Grocery eCommerce Consumers Agile A&U™

Apple Laptop with online grocery story open on wooden desk with plants surrounding and a wooden background

We previously conducted research on the e-commerce grocery category centered around brand loyalty in the grocery and personal care categories. Results from that research showed that consumers tend to shop for the same brands they purchase in-store, online, or select based on price, reviews, or recommendations. Additionally, many consumers choose to shop online for these particular items due to convenience. However, with the quickly changing landscape of e-commerce, it’s hard to understand what other factors contribute to a consumer’s choice to shop online, specifically when it comes to groceries, and just who that consumer is.

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  • The variety of providers, resources, and delivery methods that consumers look to first and/or most often for ordering nondurable groceries online
  • When consumers started and how often they grocery shop online, and which key grocery food categories (and other items) they are currently purchasing online vs. in-store
  • What motivations and barriers exist for consumers to shop online for groceries and where significant differences between gender, generation, and other demographics exist
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