November 16, 2017

A Guide to Keeping Respondents Engaged

A Guide to keeping respondents engaged title page with GC blue and title on upper half with couple hiking win fall in woods pointing to the distance

Keeping respondents engaged and active while taking surveys or participating in discussions is critical to making the most of market research insights. Unfortunately, every so often respondents fail to remain engaged— and that can have a significant impact on research results. Disengaged respondents can lead to poor data quality, lack of confidence in decision making, and additional cost and timing for any re-fielding and analysis. This eGuide features tips on how to keep respondents engaged throughout the research process, ensuring quality data and insights.

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  • The warning signs respondents aren’t engaged
  • How to choose the most engaged respondents
  • The framework for an engaging questionnaire
  • How technology can help preserve respondent quality
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