November 3, 2015

GutCheck Ensures New Messaging Hits the Market for Major Financial Company

Major Financial Company Case study header image with title text on right and light green graphics on left

A leading financial services company intended to update its loan platform messaging to communicate new products and services that address key pain points identified in the loan process; they needed to differentiate themselves from the competition. They also sought to reinforce the company’s foundational values and hard-fought competitive advantages.

The brand needed an iterative research approach to optimize the messaging throughout the process. GutCheck implemented a three-phase, blended quantitative and qualitative approach to quickly refine, narrow, and optimize the winning messaging statements. The winning positioning, supported by qualitative findings from the initial phase, was then used to develop insight-based, consumer-facing messaging for a final optimization phase before quantitative validation.

Download the full case study to learn

  • How consumers feel in regards to the messaging surrounding the loan process
  • How the findings from the initial qualitative and quantitative phases were used to refine and optimize the consumer-preferred, go-to-market message that fit this financial company’s business model and desired equity
  • How the three-phase research approach was conducted in three weeks time and the impact this had for the client