May 23, 2018

How an F500 QSR Accelerated Time to Adoption & Maximized ROI on a New Product Innovation

Fortune 500 Quick Service Restaurant Case Study

By leveraging GutCheck Constellation®, a fortune 500 quick service restaurant (QSR) brand was hoping to understand how they could grow their profits by introducing a new menu innovation. Specifically, they needed to maximize ROI of this new product launch by establishing a seamless transition from product development to creative development and activation among their early adopter audience.

GutCheck Constellation is an agile solution that connects survey data with billions of big data points, giving you a more holistic view of your consumers, including how to effectively reach them. This solution makes big data actionable in a meaningful way and provides tangible answers that enable you to build products and content that speak directly to your evolving consumers. 

Download the full case study to see

  • How this particular QSR brand was able to understand their new menu innovation’s performance and estimate it’s potential market impact.
  • How the brand was able to identify a unique audience of early adopters to position their new menu innovation around.
  • What specific messaging and creative recommendations resulted from the research that would allow this brand to activate their new concept in the market
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