March 21, 2016

How InterContinental Hotels Group Uses Agile Research to Get Quality Consumer Feedback Quickly

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When a new company-wide initiative is being rolled out, it is critical to get consumer feedback early and often to support and validate those big decisions. When the global insights team at InterContinental Hotel Groups (IHG) was tasked with validating three new concepts that would have a big impact on the company, they needed a quick and affordable way to get quality consumer feedback.

An agile approach gave IHG the flexibility they needed to get both quantitative and qualitative research at a price and within a timeframe the business could afford. The pairing of quant and qual research together enabled IHG to screen concepts with consumers for prioritization and further understand what consumers liked and disliked, specifically, about each concept. The quick feedback gained gave IHG the insights needed to optimize concepts and move forward with confidence.

Watch this Webinar to see:

  • The value of leveraging quant and qual research together to understand the whys behind winning concepts
  • How working with an agile partner gives you the flexibility you need to get consumer feedback early and often during your research process
  • What a quick read is and how it can add value to your organization
  • A case study highlighting how IHG leveraged quick reads to screen and refine three early-stage concepts


Tom Noggle Senior Manager of Global Insights InterContinental Hotels Group

Tom is a Senior Manager for IHG’s Global Insights group, where he manages the global research platforms, and supports all global sales & marketing functions. He has been in research for 15 years—in academia, on the vendor slide, and on the client side. Tom is currently working to help IHG optimize communications, product offers, and loyalty program benefits.

Matt Warta CEO GutCheck

Over the past 15 years, Matt has been a mainstay in the entrepreneurial community co-founding two companies and funding dozens of others. Prior to GutCheck, he was a General Partner with Village Ventures growing the firm’s investments from $100M to $750M. He also co-founded and led business development for CyberCrop, which pioneered online trading of agricultural commodities. As a member of Koch Ventures, Matt led several investments that either went public or were acquired. Earlier in his career, he was a Senior Consultant in Deloitte’s financial services practice. Matt is also a diehard Jayhawk having graduated from the University of Kansas with a BA and MBA.